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  1. Advice needed for starting a tree service business.
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Second question: Are there way too many trees in your area, and no one else to cut them down? Most areas have too few trees, not too many, so why be part of the problem? Koa's advice is best; get to know the business first by working at it. Tree work is VERY gear- and training- intensive.

But, and you haven't clarified this, I was born into this biz, started climbing power ROW at 14, and started my own biz at 30, so I had 15 years climbing already, and had Ohio pesticide lic. Would I do it all over again? With stark honesty, I can say I'm a much better treeman than buisnessman.

I paid to send the new wife to buisness college, she helps a lot with the paper and books. A lot of biz suggestions I read here I've tried before and found they don't work for me. Every biz and area is different. Other factors come into play, such as weather. I took the plunge in '03 and bought a chip truck and chipper. That really helped that year, and hurt the next as the trees I would have cared for the next year were trimmed or removed due to ice. You are probably in better financial shape starting out than I was then, but a lot worse off experience-wise.

Advice needed for starting a tree service business.

There are a million ways to go broke in this biz, and a few ways to do well. Thats probably true for all buisnesses.

how to make $1,000 A DAY EASY Trimming Trees!

But the rewards of success or worth it too. Think long and hard. Be very realistic with yourself and family before jumping in. My question to you would be what do you know now? Do you have a backround in horticulture, do you know how to prune small trees? Their are different avenues to pursue in the tree biz. If you know very little go to work for the best guy you can find, and get the tree climbers guide by Lilly. Also remember low and slow.

Tree Service | Tree Removal Aurora IL

JohnVander , Jan 3, Redbull , Jan 3, We all started somewhere, but honestly now Glaze did'nt mention any experience. I wish him the all the luck but i certainly dont want to pat him on the back and tell him that everything is going to be great. A tree service is'nt like opening a hot dog stand in central park.

It requires education,experience, patience,dedication. We are driven to our work. I learned from my husband everything i know which i wont claim to be much but I know from 12 years of watching him get up at 4 am to get to the shop checking equipment and sharping saws, making sure everything is right before the employees come, making sure that he is there doing the work and getting the jobs done right.

Its commitment to his profession that he takes pride in.

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Not being a drive around boss and barking orders to his employees. Perhaps I was harsh but I cant help but feel slightly insulted. So my apoligies for my rant. No prob, I see your position. It sounds like your husband has the work ethic that is needed to be succesful in any business.

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I hope Glaze heeds all of this advice and is succesful one day, but it won't happen overnight. Educate yourself and get experience! There is plenty of money to be made. Dont be in a big hurry to make it. Enough people have been hurt. I would recomend working with another company and starting on the ground. Then work your way up into the tree. If you are itching to get into a tree I would recomend Arbormaster training. This would be a good way to spend some of that five grand.

With this experience and knowledge you could train someone to run a crew for you. I would also recomend getting involved with the I.


Good luck. You've been getting a lot of good advice so far, nothing bad. You'll just have to sort out what you intuitively feel will work for you. I have purposefully kept my overall system at a beginner's level, though the climbing skills I've taken as far as my human form will allow. Education never takes a day off and to fully embrace this industry you need to commit to a continuous quest for learning, whatever form that might take. A first good place to start and this you can launch in under 10 minutes is a subscription to the TCIA trade journal free, just call and ask and a subsciption to Tree Services , upper right of this page.

Come to Indianapolis and rent one of the houses down the street from me. Income starts the day following your arrival, and I could really, really use the help from someone committed to entering this industry and learning the skills. Like I say, my systems are compact, basic and 'beginner' in outer shell but as advanced as I can make them inside. I like noobs and don't mind working within a noob system just to stay close to my beginnings; high profit, low overhead, heavily dependent on the climbing skills, PPE and choice of cutting and personal rigging equipment. I'll be home from vacation around the 20th of January.

Tree Machine , Jan 3, PS Don't sell firewood. Maybe later on down the road if it fits in. I am now starting a business plan for a tree service and any insight from anyone with sucessful exp please contact me.. Located in Southern NJ. Thank you. Hi Michael! I have 2yrs with residential and 11yrs in line clearance vegetation management. Can anyone help me get started?

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I was also needing help on how to bid n get jobs too. Thanks JS davenport ia. Awesome site! Very informative. It was simply started as a supplemental income. I will be again starting from ground zero. Any advice as to what might be the best startup procedures for going full blown with the business? Thank you! I can help you market your business and get the phone ringing as well as help with insurance and liability issues.

I have started my own business with my cousin as a partner and also need a chipper and box truck. Where can I locate one of these for the lowest price possible. Any help is greatly appreciated. Any further advice on advertising and getting my name out there would be great. Hi Ricky, Congratulations on the new business! Hi Bobby — getting a business off the ground takes work and the right tools. Please contact your local Vermeer dealer to learn more. Good luck! Im thinking on starting my own company.

I have logged and done tree service.