PDF How to Make Money using Craigslist with Free Websites

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  1. The Best Way to Make Money by Selling Craigslist Freebies
  2. How to Earn Money with Craigslist
  3. How to Build a Website Like Craigslist From Scratch - Business Model Canvas
Make $200 A Day on CRAIGSLIST Easy ways To Make Money Online FAST

I posted it for free, and within a couple hours I had about five texts and emails asking for the tub. Two hours later, I was helping a couple guys load it into the back of a truck. These guys got a perfectly good, cast-iron bathtub absolutely free. And I got some free space back in my garage. I tell you these stories to make a point.

The Best Way to Make Money by Selling Craigslist Freebies

And that is that there are so many things posted on Craigslist that are either free or way under-priced. When selling on Craigslist, you should always expect people to try to negotiate the price down. You may have to post stuff a few times before it will sell at the price you want.

But if you price it fairly, it will eventually sell. Craigslist flipping can bring in a lot of money for not too much work, which makes in an excellent source of extra income. Like everything else worth doing, it takes some work.

How to Earn Money with Craigslist

Income School LLC is compensated for referring traffic and business to these companies. Hustle It! Have you ever just scrolled through the free section on Craigslist? Let me give you an example of the kinds of steals you can find. Find Your Niche —Everyone needs a niche, even when flipping on Craiglist.

This will allow you to get a sense of when things are under-priced, and when you have an opportunity to make money. Picking a niche will allow you to get better at this as you go, which will save you time and make you more money. Scour Craigslist —Spend a little time on Craigslist every day. In any given category, posts may not sit near the top very long. Depending where you live, good opportunities could be buried on page 3 in a matter of hours. You can search on Craiglist and Ebay to figure out how much other people are charging for similar items.

You can look at other retailers that sell new or used versions of the same or similar items. Can you fix cars or know the ins and outs of bike repair? Or, maybe you know how to repair just about any issue with a computer or gaming system. These skills can all come in handy when flipping free Craigslist items. You can complete simpler projects, like cleaning up dusty knick-knacks, polishing jewelry, or sewing old clothing together to make blankets or stuffed animals.

A lot of people focus on finding one type of item and snagging all of them they can from the free section. Then you can hone your skills on repurposing that item in the best ways you know how.

How to Build a Website Like Craigslist From Scratch - Business Model Canvas

For example, you might collect old wooden furniture pieces to refinish and look brand-new to sell for a couple of hundred dollars apiece. Flipping free items you find on Craigslist can be an awesome way to earn some money from things you never had to pay for in the first place. But, it can also be a process that takes a while to get used to and find your groove. Here are a few of the pros and cons to be aware of before you get started:.

Start early in the morning and stay open throughout the afternoon.


Also, check with your town to see if you need a permit before you hold a yard sale. Some localities require one. Some people make a living off selling items on Craigslist alone, especially if they live in an area with a very active For Sale section on Craigslist. Check your local thrift stores to see if they have interest in your products. You might even be able to sell refurbished computers and video game systems to local stores that have a buy-back option.

Alternatively, you can use mobile apps like Close5 and Letgo. They work similarly to Craigslist. Just place your items on a listing using the app, add some photos and a description, and interested local buyers can contact you securely via the messaging system. Facebook groups are an excellent way to show off your products to people who live near you. Small items and niche items do well on eBay.

This auction site is one that many people use to find items to complete collections or other rare finds. So, if you found rare collectibles, jewelry, baseball cards, or like items on Craigslist for free, you might have luck auctioning them on eBay. The downside is that there are some fees involved with listing and selling items on eBay. This page can help you determine what fees eBay will charge you for listing items. You will have some fees associated with owning an Etsy shop and posting an item listing.

You can learn more about selling on Etsy here. If none of the other places appeal to you, you can always start your own eCommerce website for selling your items. You can create a website with WordPress relatively easily, using a theme designed for an eCommerce business. Alternatively, you can use an eCommerce platform, like Shopify, to run your business through your own shop on the platform. Shopify takes care of all the hard work so that you can just focus on selling products.

Shopify has different plans to meet your needs, which you can learn more about here. You might wonder if, and how, you can turn your Craigslist flipping hobby into a business. The good news is that it absolutely can be done! You may have to purchase a pickup truck or trailer to make this work. Figure in the gas costs and whether you can make the extra driving worth it with the profit from the items you sell.