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This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Community Reviews. Showing Average rating 3. Rating details. Sort order. Corliss is a shifter wolf healer and low in the standing of her pack.

Her mother is powerful but she chose a weaker mate. So when Corliss befriended the Alphas son she knew her dreams of being his mate would never come true. Then one day while waiting for her forced mating to happen the man of her dreams was walking towards her to take the place of the man of her nightmares. Liam has wanted Corliss every since they were children and she tried to adopt him while he was in wolf form.

But he didn't Corliss is a shifter wolf healer and low in the standing of her pack. But he didn't want to go against his father's wishes by interrupting the arranged mating he had set up for Corliss.

But after watching her from the shadows he noticed her mate to be never showed. Liam saw this as his chance to have everything he ever wanted and save Corliss from being stood up. The only cost is they must leave their pack for two whole weeks because the mating bond can be broken in the first two weeks only. Sep 12, rm2h rated it it was amazing. This book was great. I bought her other 3 books because of this one. Apr 15, Martha Cheves rated it it was amazing.

Science Fiction & Fantasy Romance Author

Not even for her. Unable to keep control of his world, Liam let the animal free to seek solace in the forest. Except every tree, every scent roused memories of her, and the wolf circled back towards the clearing, towards the woman who should be his. Corliss has been promised as a mate for Raymond but has secretly given her heart to Liam. Healer's Fate is a touching love story that brings together two beautiful souls bonding them into one, as it should be among all humans.

But it also picks up the animal aspect of life. It answered my question of "What and who is the alphas and how is that rank acquired within the pack?

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Dec 15, Jackie rated it really liked it. Corliss is being forced into a marriage she desperately does not want. Corliss is shocked because Liam is her best friend and long time crush. Liam has a plan. He takes Corliss away so that they can finish the mating bond without being bothered by any of the pack. Corliss at first thinks Liam is doing this a some s Corliss is being forced into a marriage she desperately does not want. While they are on their hideaway a few challenges come up. She must try to heal two children and a sorcerer tries to take her powers.

Can the challenges these two meet strengthen their bond or will it tear them apart? This was a really enjoyable read. I liked the love story that was mixed so well in with the paranormal. And how can she ever get back home again? She must pretend to be the woman whose life she has taken over by accident but how long can she keep up the charade?

And what will Malik do when he finds out the truth—that his real Mistress is millions of light years away and her double knows absolutely nothing about life on Yonnie Six? How will he save his home world now that reality has become…Twisted? Mari Yosoto has been keeping a dark and dangerous secret from everyone for the past three years. Instead of wallowing in misery, she stays busy, shuttling cargo to the Moon and back, enjoying the easy work and time alone. After trying and failing to find out what happened to her, Trevor makes the best of an odd situation, hoping he can remind Mari of their budding friendship and finally get some answers.

Together with their newly formed ragtag team, Mari and Trevor team up and undertake a mission unlike anything either of them has faced before with life-altering and possibly deadly consequences. Mila, a sweet pacifist born in the Motherlands, has avoided conflicts all her life. But how can she marry if it means giving up on her friendship with Jonah, the first male councilman in the Motherlands and her closest friend? Every night they talk, laugh, and share their darkest secrets. Or does he? Magda Versai has a reputation for being unattainable—no deep attachments, only discreet amusements.

If she has her way, the pride will never learn of her private heartbreak, as she accepted her curse years ago. Every day I make a choice. Spread the light. Help where I can. Make sure my friends, my new family, are safe. But the darkness inside of Valtic calls me. I can see him fighting it with every breath. I want to, need to, help him. And not just as a doctor. His heated glances and fiery touch beckon me. But when their journey brings them to a ship full of desperate Iti, the chance to save them may mean losing everything, including each other.

After being abducted, all I wanted was to escape from the aquatic species trying to sell me on the open market. Making that happen is all I think about, because thinking about my life on Earth is too painful. They snatched me right when everything was going to hell in hand-basket.

Humans had finally organized to fight against the environmental disasters making the planet uninhabitable.

Guided Meditation for Activating your Inner Healer (Healing Story Metaphors Included)

I was pulling core samples on a mountain top when the aliens came for me. As it is, Earth needs me much more than the horrible aquatics intent on using me to line their pockets.